heckman consulting cheat sheets

heckman consulting prepares “cheat sheets” for various programs it installs and trains users on for its clients.

worldox cheat sheet

these are not designed to replace a full manual. rather, they are designed to respond to the query “he mentioned that in class, now how do i do that?” printed on vividly colored papers (harder to misplace), they are folded sheets of paper so they can be easily stored near a computer monitor (instead of under the desk, underneath the extra pair of shoes, like many manuals).

we hope you find them useful. any comments are appreciated. click on the listing to bring up a pdf version of the cheat sheet.


amicus attorney 2009 premium edition cheat sheet


amicus attorney 2009 small firm cheat sheet


amicus attorney v cheat sheet

                                                                  if you have trouble viewing any of the pdf's,

worldox 2002 cheat sheet                     uncheck "allow fast web view" under

                                                                                        edit | prefs | general | options (acrobat 5)

worldox gx cheat sheet  (rev. 8/07)     edit | prefs | internet (acrobat 6 & 7)

(revised to include new features in sr1)


worldox gx2 cheat sheet (aug 09)


worldox gx3 cheat sheet (may 13)

what's new in worldox gx3


worldox web/mobile


worldox frequently asked questions

worldox advanced training


installing and configuring worldox


time matters 7 cheat sheet

pc law 7 instructions


what's new in pclaw - composite list for versions 6-9

tips & tricks - wp 12