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Some Legal Internet Resources for Lawyers

Attorney Job Info
Attorney Services
Lists of Software
Print media

Attorney Job Info

The on-line version of Martindale is of course indispensable, at www.martindale.com.

There are a number of services that let you locate an attorney (in another jurisdiction or with a specialized practice, for example), expert witnesses, court reporters, etc. These include:  www.law.com, www.jdfinder.com, and www.lawoffice.com.

Attorney Services

www.hg.org/hg/html. Hieros Gamos. Lives up to its claim to be the "Comprehensive Legal and Government Portal. Includes information on 200 practice areas and 400 discussion groups.

www.abanet.org. The ABA web site. Lists ABA services and publications.

www.llrx.com. Web-based legal news publication.

www.lawcommerce.com. Very commercial, but useful site (John Heckman is listed as a consultant on this site).

Lists of Software

www.findlaw.com. Links to other services. Lists a variety of technology information and general practice software as well as for 24 specific practice areas. Access directly at http://tech.lp.findlaw.com.

www.lawyerware.com. . More limited listing of sites. Indicates demo versions available and platform compatibility.

www.legalresourcelinks.com. Selected list of most popular software in additional to other legal services.

www.yahoo.com/law. Variety of categories, but limited listing of specific practice areas. Oriented toward general public.

www.zdnet.com. Non legal-specific software and hardware reviews.

www.jflax.com. Jeff Flax's exhaustive listing of legal and other sites. If you need to find a site dealing with dog law, this is the place to look.


www.technolawyer.com. This is a moderated site, so the discussion is more structured (and there may be delays in having your post appear). The "technolawyer" column in Law Office Computing is derived from posts to this listserv.

www.abanet.org/lpm. Lists a variety of electronic forums and magazines. Subscribe to monthly "lawpractice.news"

http://mail.abanet.org/archives/lawtech.html. Much higher volume, unmediated discussion lists.

www.hg.org/hg.html. Hieros Gamos. 400 specific practice area discussion groups of varying usefulness.

Print media

Law Technology News. See www.lawtechnews.com. Email to circ@amlaw.com for subscription information.

Law Office Computing. www.lawofficecomputing.com for subscription info. Virtually the only site that has product reviews. However, you must subscribe to the print media to be able to access the site (the password is listed in the magazine and changed monthly)

ABA Law Practice Management. Various publications. See www.abanet.org/lpm . See John Heckman's article on Reveal Codes at www.abanet.org/lpm/newsarticle11093_front.shtml.

WordPerfect Information

www.corel.com/support/index.htm and

http://venus.corel.com/kbsearch are the official Corel sites for technical information. Searchable.

www.gmccomb.com. Site sponsored by Gordon McComb, a leading WordPerfect macro-writer and integrator.

www.consultwebs.com/wpsoftware.htm. Substantial listings on Word vs. WordPerfect issues.

Microsoft Word Information

http://support.microsoft.com/support. takes you directly to the knowledge base. But you have to register & provide personal information (e-mail address & registration number).

www.wopr.com. Site operated by Woody Leonhard & co. The best overall site to find solutions for what bugs you about Microsoft products. Newsletters on specific topics (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.) reach a total of 400,000 users.

www.primeconsulting.com/annoyances/index.htm. The site for the "Microsoft Annoyances" series of books. Also has an index of past issues and news

www.payneconsulting.com. One of the primary Microsoft advocates. Contains a fair amount of useful information.

www.slipstick.com. Another very useful site for Microsoft utilities and add-ins.

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