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No. 34. Spring 2008. AMD Alive and Well at LexisNexis.
No.31 Spring 2006
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Worldox GX4 Is Here.  Worldox GX4 was released in June. GX4 isl be a major release with a host of new features. It should be a major upgrade for anyone using Worldox GX3. I have drafted a "What's New in Worldox GX4" document which can be downloaded from my Cheatsheet page or by clicking here.

Worldox in One Hour for Lawyers. Second Edition. The ABA's Law Practice Management has just released the second edition of Worldox in One Hour for Lawyers. The second edition covers the new Worldox GX4 and deals both with basic Worldox functionality (Saving, Searching, Version Control, Email Integration) as well as a number of advanced topics and troubleshooting. Large sections have been published in the over 100 posts of my blog, "Does It Compute?" You can order the book by clicking here.


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