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Heckman Consulting - Seminars

John Heckman frequent speaks at Seminars and other legal gatherings. He has given presentations recently at the following:

Going Paperless?  Document Management: Automation & Paper Reduction Strategies. NJ Institute for Continuing Legal Education, July 2006. Strategies to tame the paper beast and make your office more efficient. Click here to start the presentation.

From 0 to 60 in... (Minimum Technology that Every Successful Attorney Must Have). CLE Seminar given at Pace University, October 2005. Details how to approach setting up / expanding an office; what your criteria should be and what software you might want to consider. Click here to start the presentation.

Making the Case for Case Management: The Economics of Getting organized. Panel at NY LegalTech 2005. Session on January 31, 3:30-4:45 PM.  Overall assessment of startup costs (both hard and soft) as well as time savings and generation of additional income by capturing more time for the same amount of work. Click here to start the presentation.

To Be Wireless or Not to Be:  Wireless Security. Panel at NY LegalTech 2005. Session of February 2, 1:30-3:00. Wireless is the hot thing, but how secure is it really?  Think of an unprotected wireless network as talking in the elevator or giving out your credit card number in a loud voice on a cell phone in a crowded commuter train. Click here to start the presentation.

Disaster Recovery. Seminar given for the Connecticut Bar Association, March 7, 2002. This slide show presents an introduction to basic concepts and requirements of any disaster recovery plan. It will enable you to get started with your disaster recovery planning. Click here to start the presentation.


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